Find Casa Loma Minca

Once you are in Minca, walk past the church and turn 1st left passing the Pizzaria and Café Duni. Follow the path for 2 min. untill you see a sign on the left hand side, attached to a large tree. Walk up the path following our signs – go past Casa Colibri. Follow the stone path all the way up to the top, around 10 minutes walk. Stop to breathe and take in the views while imagining what will await you at the top!

Where is Minca?

Minca is located just 45 minutes from the city of Santa Marta on the north coast of Colombia. We are just an hour away from pristine Caribbean white-sand beaches but have the benefit of living in the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains complete with cool climate, great walks and wildlife, two rivers, waterfalls and swimming spots. You can get to Minca from Santa Marta by public shared taxi (8.000), private taxi or moto taxi. Here we describe the most common ways to reach us:

From Santa Marta City centre

  • Collectivo taxi – The easy and cheap way… In Santa Marta go to “La Estacion de Minca” at “Calle 12 con Carrera 9”. Opposite “El Mercado nuevo.” From here you can take a collective taxi for 8.000 COP per person. Journey time is around 45 minutes.
  • Private taxi – The luxury way… You can take a private taxi direct from Santa Marta for around 60.000 COP. Calls us if you would like a taxi sent to your hostel.
  • Moto taxi – The adventurer’s way… Take the bus marked “Yucal” from the centre of Santa Marta and get off at “cuidad eqidad” after the olympica supermarket in the  barrio “Yucal.” From here take a motorbike taxi for 8.000 COP. Or, you could catch a motorbike direct from the city centre for a slightly higher fare. They may ask for around 10-15.000 COP to go to Minca. If you are travelling by motorbike, it is best to bring only a small backpack and leave your larger one in Santa Marta.

From Santa Marta Bus Station

Take a taxi to “La Bomba” (petrol station at the entrance to Minca). From here take a private taxi for around 50.000 or a moto taxi for 10-12.000.

From Santa Marta airport

Contact us with your flight number and airline to arrange a private taxi for 80.000. Or take the bus to the city centre for 1.600 and get off at “el Mercado”. Follow the description “from Santa Marta city centre”.

From Cartagena / Barranquilla / Medellin / Bogota

Take the bus or plane to Santa Marta and use one of the methods above to reach Minca

From Parque Tayrona, Costeño beach, Palomino or the north coast up to La Guajira…

…without going back into Santa Marta. Take the bus back towards Santa Marta. Ask to get get out at “La bomba en la entrada a Minca.” This is a large petrol station at the entrance to Minca. From here take a moto taxi for around 10.000 COP or a private taxi for around 50.000 COP.