Yoga at Casa Loma Minca

Take a yoga class in the forest. 1h30

Price:  20.000 COP

Massage at Casa Loma Minca

Totally relax and enjoy a professional massage therapy on our wooden terrace overhanging the forest. 1h

Price: 80.000 COP

Walk to Paso Del Mango

Walk from Casa Loma Minca through the Sierra Nevada taking in the stunning scenery, take a dip in a swimming spot or two and arrive at Paso Del Mango, another gorgeous part of Colombia. Visit a traditional chocolate farm. Choose to come back to Casa Loma Minca by transport or stay the night with our friends from Carpe Diem Hostal

Ciudad Perdida

Leave your bags right here and take the 4 – 6 days trek to ancient indigenous ruins that were only rediscovered in the 1970’s. Be in the perfect place to relax after your trip! We arrange your trip and transport to and from Minca.

Family farm

Visit a family farm and discover how the locals live off their land.