Our place…

Casa Loma is a stunning wooden hill-top house with incredible views, surrounded by Green forest where we have a number of rustic wooden huts with balconys which people make their homes while they are with us.

The name “Casa Loma” meaning “house on a hill” is the original name of the house which is constructed entirely from wood and situated in amazing tropical gardens, surrounded by fruit trees, coffee plants and indigenous stone footpaths.

As the name suggests (!) we are set high up on a hill overlooking Minca and Santa Marta. The ten-minute up-hill walk from town is worth every step of the journey and your hammock awaits at the top!

We are lucky enough to enjoy amazing sunset views over the mountains to the west of us and this is the perfect way to finish off an active or restful day in Minca.

You can also take a peek at the largely undiscovered and little-studied original indigenous stone path in our garden and the two stone carvings right next door.

What we try to do…

Our aim is to offer a relaxing, homely and unique place to stay with delicious food and social family meals. This helps you to concentrate on enjoying the spectacular views and natural environment of Minca and the surrounding Sierra Nevada.

What we offer..

We have private or shared rooms to suit all budgets including our famous room “El Mirador“ with amazing sunset view and own private balcony. Plus our amazing rustic forest huts Casa Luna and Casa Selva among others. We have dorm beds, rent hammocks, plus offer camping spaces for your own  tent. Take a look in our accommodation section for a full run down.

Who are we?

The Casa Loma Cocktail…

Slice one English gentleman into small pieces, mix in a little blonde German spice, season with some dashing French curls and sprinkle with 12 Colombian gems. Shake vigorously. Do not stir. Pour over broken ice and “Voila”. Sip gently to appreciate the flavor.  

We are Jay, Anne and Helena, Casa Loma‘s owners, and well-travelled 30 somethings, friends and business partners. Jay is from London, England, Anne the South of Germany and Helena from Strasbourg, France. We like to think that we are English, German or French by blood but that our hearts are Colombian. So, as you can see we are truly international!

Jay first came to Colombia in 2008 during a trip around South America, fell in love with the country and its people, and decided that this was the place to set up home. He realized his dream in 2010.

Anne arrived as a guest to Casa Loma in 2012, stayed 4 months before Jay invited her to become a partner in Casa Loma Minca. It was an easy decision!

Helena worked with us as a receptionist for a year, won the employee of the month award 3 times running during 2015 and this was the moment that sealed it, Jay asked her to become a partner.

What we would like to say to you….

Thanks for choosing Casa Loma Minca. Alongside our amazing local team, we work hard to create an excellent place to stay by offering an open, chilled and enjoyable environment with great food. However, it’s you guys that really make Casa Loma the special place it is.

We know from our experience of traveling and also living here that we are all very lucky to stumble across this amazing wooden house on the hill. Enjoy “Loma life”. Most people find us through a recommendation; please help us by spreading the word during your trip!

Thank you for being part of Casa Loma Minca.

Mi casa = tu casa.

Anne, Jay, Helena.