Want to stay in Paradise for at least 2 weeks and do it cheaply?

Volunteer with us!

The deal….

You work 5 days a week, 5 hours a day on one of the following shifts…
• 7am – 12 noon
• 12 noon – 5pm
• 5pm – 10pm….
…giving you plenty of time every day to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of Casa Loma and Minca.

We give you free food. 3 meals a day even on your days off – excellent, tasty, healthy vegetarian food! AND give you a big healthy discount on your stay!

• Hammock or space for your own tent – 70.000 COP per week (average 10.000 per day)
* Please note all prices are flat weekly fees with no discounts if you work less days or miss a meal.
What do you need to do to help us for 5 hours per day?
Duties vary but here is a list of the most common things…
• Cleaning hostel
• Serving / Preparing food
• Washing dishes / Cleaning kitchen
• Helping guests / reception team
• Shopping and bringing shopping up our hill
• Making sun set cocktails

We also accept carpenters, builders, yoga teachers and are open to hear what other skills you have so tell us what you can do for us!

Contact us for more details and availability of spaces. And, tell us a bit about yourself and why you wish to be here.
casalomaminca@gmail.com (+57) 313 808 61 34