All prices are in Colombian pesos. Please bring your Passport to Casa Loma for check in purposes.

‘El Mirador’

The front room of the house and our very own presidential suite with its own large balcony (3 x 2 metres!), complete with table, chairs, sofa and a breathtaking view. Here, we’re able to serve you coffee, breakfast, and dinner while you take in the stunning views! One double bed. Double Occupancy: 90.000 COP / *High season price 95.000 COP / Easter week 130.000 COP

‘The Tree House’

Private balcony that circles the room through 360° with own hammock and rocking chair, plus views through the forest to the city. One double bed. Double Occupancy: 75.000 COP / *High Season Price 80.000 COP / Easter week 110.000 COP

‘El Centro’

The centre of the house and the home of our four bed dorm. We also have another dormitory for 7 people set next door to the hostel in the forest at our sister company La Loma. Per bed: 30.000 COP / *High Season Price 35.000 COP / Easter week 40.000


Situated at the back of the house, this is our triple or twin-room option, ideal for sharing with friends. It can also can be used as a private double room. It has a large sofa with a beautiful view through the forest. One Double bed. One single bed. Double Occupancy: 75.000 COP / *High Season Price 80.000 COP / Easter week 110.000 Triple Occupancy: 100.000 COP / *High Season Price 105.000 COP / Easter week 140.000

Introducing our range of rustic forest huts…

Sleep under the stars. Watch orange, pink, purple or red sun sets. Be in full moon heaven. Have an open air forest experience. Breathe in fresh mountain air. Delight your ears with the sound of the forest; woodpeckers pecking, insects singing, toucans chanting, squirrels running, hummingbirds humming. And all of this from the comfort of a double bed…
Try one of our four open air huts set in the forest. Each one has its own unique view. Rustic constructions made from wood and finished with palm roofs complete with double bed, sheets, blanket, pillows, mosquito net, curtains for privacy and a large locker. All come with a natural plasma TV and mother nature’s eco air conditioning.

Casa Luna

The most amazing view ever? Possibly!
See hundreds of stars. Catch sun rise with the moon still bright, back dropped by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Plus watch incredible sun sets over the forest. Don’t miss this experience on full moon nights – the name is not for nothing you know…
The most private, breath taking rustic forest hut you will ever find? Very probably!

  • 85.000 Low season
  • 90.000 High season / Easter week 130.000

*Coming soon to Casa Luna…. Private tropical garden, seating area, Hammock, BBQ and the option of romantic candle lit dinners for 2 – watch this space for details…

Casa Selva

Our very own “forest house” with large private balcony overlooking the los pinos mountain. Breath taking views. Star gazing nights. Sun lounging days.

  • 85.000 Low season
  • 90.000 High season / Easter week 130.000

Casa Sol / Casa Estrella

Located close to our sun set terrace and separated by an ancient indigenous path, Casa Sol and Casa Estrella offer views over the top of Casa Loma and you can catch the sun set back dropped by great mountain formations and forest while sipping a cocktail from the comfort of your bed.

  • 75.000 Low season
  • 80.000 High season / Easter week 110.000

*Please note of you want a room with electric and closed doors please choose from our other rooms. Note that Casa Sol and Casa Estrella cost less as they have less privacy than Casa Luna & Casa Selva. The construction is the same.

Casa Bosque / Casa Madera

A small round hut with a large personality surrounded by forest, plants and a big private balcony, perfect for toucan spotting or looking through the trees at the los pinos mountains.
Double bed

  • 75.000 Low season
  • 80.000 High season / Easter week 110.000

Casa Verde

Rustic wooden house magic! A cosy hut with a window looking into the forest, set right next to our favourite eco forest walking path where we have seen a number of armadillos.
Double bed

  • 75.000 Low season
  • 80.000 High season / Easter week 110.000

Casa Shane / Casa Palma

A single cabaña set next to an indigenous path looking into the forest with a natural bird singing alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.
Single bed

  • 45.000 Low season
  • 50.000 High season


We rent out hammocks hung under our treehouse and with open views on three sides through the forest. Complete with mosquito nets and blanket. 18.000 COP / *High Season Price 20.000 COP / Easter week 25.000


We also offer camping with your tent in our very own mini-rainforest. There are a number of bonfire areas and the site has some interesting indigenous stone carvings and paths passing through. With own tent: 15.000 COP per person / High Season 18.000 COP per person / Easter week 22.000

All rooms share a bathroom. We have 6 bathrooms in total including showers with amazing views through the forest! To make a reservation, please contact us via the form on this site. Or, call us on 313 808 61 34 for a more immediate response – better if your reservation is for the next day, especially during busy months. Reservations are held until 3pm on the day of arrival so if you plan to arrive later please contact us in advance to let us know to re-confirm your booking. All prices include a free cup of locally grown coffee in the morning. Prices above are standard low season rates. High season prices apply 1 December—28 February, 1 July – 31 August and Colombian holidays.

A Note About Money There are no ATM machines in Minca. We prefer cash. We can accept credit cards but there is a surcharge of 10%. There is one ATM at La Bomba (a large petrol station at the entrance to Minca) and one at the bus station. Otherwise, you will need to go to “La Buena Vista en Mamatoco.” This is a large shopping mall on the edge of Santa Marta close to the entrance to Minca where there are a number of ATMs. If you are in Santa Marta there are a number of ATMs around Plaza San Francisco at Calle 14 and Carrera 4.